Design Service

Our design service is best suited to clients who seek to refurbish their old and unloved cloakroom, en-suite or bathroom. Or for clients building a new home, or extending to include a new cloakroom, en-suite or bathroom

Before commiting to our design service we ask that you first visit us in store, so we can meet you,  show you the kind of brands and products we work with, and explain a bit more about the way in which we work. If you like what we do we ask for;

  • Measurements of your room/rooms. These do not need to be to scale, fancy or millimetre perfect but they must be fairly accurate and include locations of windows and doors. (If you are not confident enough to measure we can send a designer to the property free of charge who will measure for you)
  • Photographs of your room/rooms (These can be digital and do not need to be printed) 
  • Your budget (This is a requirement because we cannot proceed to design without this info so we select the products correctly)
  • A brief (This will be taken by us in store so don't worry we aren't asking for an essay!)
  • Timescale (Our products take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive into stock from date of order, sometimes longer for be-spoke items)

Following receipt of this information we begin the design process. This is usually complete within 1 week, when we will then invite all of the key decision makers in for their presentation. It is at this stage we present design, quote and product selection. If there are changes to be made where possible we try to do this in store at the time to save you an extra trip back in. If you are happy with the design and quote we then require 60% deposit or full payment of order value (whichever suits you best) in order to proceed to order the goods). If you opt to pay the 60% deposit the remaining balance will be due as soon as the goods arrive into stock, we will call you to arrange this prior to any deliveries being made.

In essence our service is always free of charge if you are able to follow the above schedule. However, if your project requires a tailored approach please speak to a member of The Tap End team to discuss a be-spoke package, which may be chargeable. 

"We are passionate about design yes, but we are equally, if not more passionate about providing functional design for a fair price using quality goods in a creative way." - Justine Bullock BA Hons, Director